I am beyond excited to open a new chapter of creativity with a collaboration.

Aaron Penne x Boreta – a series of 1000 generative NFTs, minted IRL at Bright Moments gallery in Venice.


Check the Mirror post to learn more about the upcoming drop at the Bright Moments gallery powered by Artblocks

RITUALS binds collectors to the artwork at the moment of creation. Each expression of our generative algorithm provides a unique window into the same parametric universe, a reminder that while each of us is different,  we are also the same. The visuals and music weave an infinitely shifting experience, permanently etched on to the blockchain.

Of the 1,000 RITUALS that will be minted on ArtBlocks, the first 200 will be done exclusively IRL at Bright Moments NFT Gallery in Venice Beach.  These 200 physical experiences will be recognized on-chain (and with a visual watermark), that will forever link these decentralized ERC-721 smart contracts with the central role of the collector as a physical being, in a certain space, at a specific moment in time.