about Rituals – an on-chain generative music & artwork collection of 1000 1/1 pieces, a collab with 

@aaronpenne & @brightmoments

The best way to view the series is on FilterBlocks

we designed infinite generative music & art systems to feed back on each other. worlds emerge that are completely unexpected, similar to cymatics. the DNA of this project is an exploration of interconnectedness, non-ordinary states of consciousness, present-time awareness

the audio is generated from a combination of binaural tones, subtractive oscillators, and LFOs pulsing at odd time signatures so that it unexpectedly evolves over time, systems inspired by brian eno.

this is 100% code, no samples

it uses a Pythagorean scale

E – 1/1

F# – 9/8 – two perfect fifths above E

G# – 81/64 – four perfect fifths above E

B -3/2 – a perfect fifth above E

C# – 27/16 – three perfect fifths above E

it’s a harmonic exercise: you feel the tones of the art like a sound bath, or the ocean. each piece is infinite and will never play the exact same thing twice. you can play different pieces at the same time and new harmonic worlds will emerge. the creative limitations of this project were mind-bendingly liberating (and challenging)

in a world when i can have any sample or instrument immediately, using this VERY simple toolset allowed me to hyper-focus on TINY details. the filesize of the entire project is ~30kb

we highly recommend using Chrome, headphones or a big sound system. It will distort small speakers as its pure sub-bass. thank you beyond words to everyone who came, supported, collected, and worked this event. there are too many people to list right now. you know who you are.

generative music system by Tero @ ctpt.co