Transmission 10

At long last, we are making some beautiful vinyl for the Ram Dass “Awareness” release. You can pre-order it here.

Thanks to Dean Grenier for the beautiful vinyl design, as usual.

Musing from me

The single most helpful trick for my creative output (especially recently) is this:

​Prioritize creation over consumption.​

There are so many urgent notifications right now asking for our attention; it is all too easy to fall into the trap of constant media consumption. It could be social media, doomscrolling, news, or even educational content. (I love getting lost in music education YouTube rabbit holes.) However, the force of consumption is so great, I find it helpful to re-prioritize creation. That feeds my soul.

Schedules of writers

Incredible: check out the image at the bottom of this email of Ursula K Le Guin’s writing schedule. A great reminder that a few hours of completely focused deep work is better than a full day of scattered attention.

Ethan Hawke is the creative philosopher you didn’t know you needed

This short video is a breath of fresh air for your creative process. He really nails it: Ethan Hawke on creativity​

Candy Flipping for Science

File under “shit I never thought I would see in my lifetime: There is a clinical trial beginning that will test to see if MDMA can help prevent difficult trips.

Ambient bangers

This one is blowing my mind. Sounds of the Dawn collects old New Age cassette tapes and digitizes them. Check their NTS show and YouTube channelThis one from 1989 is blowing my mind

Oh yeah, I added a ton of incredible music to the ambient ritual playlist.

Collected Wisdom

“Each time we let go of distractions to return to our focus, whatever that is, we practice letting go. Letting go of thoughts, scenarios, judgments, conceptual thinking—little chunks of self.”

—Erik Hansen, “Bartelby the Buddhist

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