Transmission 4

Hey all,

Here is what I have been listening to, thinking about and reading this week.

“I would like my life to be a statement of love and compassion—and where it isn’t, that’s where my work lies.”

—Ram Dass

🌎 Compassion is active. If you are looking for guidance around what is happening right now, this podcast with Dr. Ibram Kendi and Brene Brown is one of the best things I’ve heard. I highly recommend listening and sharing with friends and family for a heart-centered birds-eye view of the path forward. Pair it with this Radiolab podcast which will change the way you think about the police. And for something light, watch this quick convo between Emmanueal Acho and Matthew McConaughey, and finish with a little David Bowie video I discovered.

🍄 Best psycehdelic read this week: We can no longer ignore the potential of psychedelic drugs to treat depression. I believe that these medicines are going to be more necessary than ever in these next few years. They should be accessible to everyone, everpresent, and safe. Robin Carhart-Harris is one to follow in this domain, and his first foray into journalism is great.

🎧 I’ve been listening to a lot of DJ mixes lately, such a great way to get lost in music. Bump these summer vibes: back on the hill with Nicola Cruz

🕯 Try this guided medtiation I enjoyed this week from one of my favorite teachers, Tara Brach​

🎹 And for something fun: this site lets you jam out on jazz piano by typing. So cool.

Thank you for following along with me on this journey, more very soon.

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