Transmission 5

Entangled Life is blowing my mind. I can’t recommend it enough—it is deeply refreshing and so fun.


tweeted this today: “The news cycle cuts off deep creative flow. Disconnect to create.”

It is possible to be informed and active, and not endlessly plugged into the news cycle. Or social media. Timeless art comes from a deeper state of focus that can’t co-exist with constant notifications. I am not suggesting that we should hide from the state of the world, or dive into ignorance. Rather, keep a low information diet. Curate your inputs, filter the good stuff from the noise. Art can help heal and guide us, it is not a luxury.

📖 These 33 bits of life wisdom from Ryan Holiday are so good. I have a folder where I save timeless wisdom, and this is going in there.

🍄 Great general overview and best practices on how to have a safe psychedelic trip.

🥣 Revisiting an incredible 1989 talk from Ram Dass on compassion.

🎧 Listening to this new mix from one of my favorite producers of all time, Laraaji.

📚 I have been absolutely loving reading and listening to Thomas Chatterton-Williams lately. He has a nuanced and fascinating philosophy around race. Check his tweetshis book recommendations in the NYT, or this podcast episode.

🌱 Plants need music, too: Barcelona Opera Reopens With An Audience Of Plants.

📱 We just dropped a new filter in our Hyperspektiv iOS app called ‘NATURE’ that allows you to transform the color of plants. It works on saved photo + video or you can use it real-time. I’ve been enjoying going thru old nature shots in my camera roll and tweaking them, like this one I took at Yosemite last year.

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