Transmission 8

Hey everyone,

Welcome to this week’s Transmission where I share things I love and collected wisdom.

This is a ⚠️no news zone ⚠️


It’s so easy to get caught up focusing on the outcome of our creations. Ego wants to paint the house before we’ve laid the foundation. Let the creation tell you where it wants to go.


“The ego lives in a continuous sense of lack, it’s always in the background claiming that you or what you do is not enough. You can always achieve more, obtain more, and experience more.” —Eckhart Tolle


🎵 I put together a playlist of all original ambient music + guided meditations from my collab project, Superposition.

📚 The past week I’ve started a new morning practice of reading first thing before I start my day, after meditation. It is usually around 30 mins, sometimes less, or sometimes a bit more. It’s been a game-changer. I retain so much more information than reading at the end of my day before bed, and I’ve been going through books a lot faster. If you have been having trouble getting through books, I highly recommend this. (The idea came from the truly lovely Hugh Jackman podcast with Tim Ferriss. Hugh does this every day and got the idea from Patrick Stewart. This podcast is a great listen in general to get a peek into his creative mind.) Pair with this article filled with strategies on how to read more books.

🎧 Kara Lis-Cloverdale released some music this week. Her song “Moments in Love” is a song that I’ve listened to probably 1000 times.

🥁 I have been thinking a lot lately about how music venues shape the music we make, and how the current state of things will affect the creative process of artists. Listen to David Byrne discuss this in a short 11-min interview on NPR: How to spaces shape the music we make?

💊 Feeling strange, 2020 getting you down? Why not try a nice strong dose of Nature RX (thx, Azita)

💻 Must-see footage of the coder who wrote the 2020 simulation we are currently living in. (JT Firstman is a genius.)

🍴 This week I became obsessed with making zhoug. It is a spicy green sauce originally from Yemen that’s super easy to make and goes well on almost anything. I used the Bon Appetit recipe and modified it a bit adding a bit more spice than they called for

🍄 I enjoyed this article in Bustle which is an intro guide for trippers geared towards women but really is good for anyone: The Uptight Girl’s Guide To Psychedelics. Also, for a deeper dive, my friends at DoubleBlind mag are putting on a Psychedelics 101 course for free next week.

(You know things about to get even weirder when there is a psychedelic mushroom cookbook coming out…)

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