This collection is sold out; all minted live at Kraftwerk in Berlin with Bright Moments.

1/ a thread about my first collection ‘Ephemeros’ part of the @brtmoments berlin collection a generative art & human-AI collaboration 100 NFTs minted live at kraftwerk

2/ this project is a collaboration with a world-class team: @wolfbearstudio (custom AI software development) @archo_p (touch designer mastermind) @grenier @superposition (advisory & support)

3/ Ephemeros • ἐφήμερος (ancient greek) ‘short-lived’, not necessarily intended to last; impermanent paraphrased: the root of ‘ephemera’ – representations of our ‘self’ which is in constant flux along with the shifts of life

4/ have you ever gazed at clouds and seen animals? this is the same process:

1. we generated ‘seed images’, which are like the clouds
2. i guide the AI to ‘hallucinate’ onto the clouds

generative seed image → AI chrysanthemum

5/ when AI visualizes art, there are imperfections this collection is a celebration & exploration of the elegance of imperfection (inspired by wabi-sabi)

6/ art is an exercise of inhaling chaos and exhaling beauty i chose flowers as something we are all familiar with; a fixture of common impermanent beauty

from seed to blossom, an AI-hallucenated water lily:

7/ interacting with AI is similar to deep meditation & high-dose psychedelic experiences

this collection is a visual record of my time in that space

perhaps we are all a generative art project of a futuristic life form?

8/ this project is part of the bright moments berlin collection and wouldn’t have been possible without the entire team: so much love to the innovators @brtmoments @seth

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