Oregon Legalizes Psilocybin Therapy

Oregon legalized psilocybin therapy. This is a HUGE step.⠀You might be wondering: how does this affect me?⠀It does not mean that mushrooms will be legal in the same way that cannabis is. You’re not going…

Envelop Audiovisual Set

I am so excited to have this one out in the wild. This is an audiovisual journey through Superposition’s catalog of ambient music. We made this for the Envelop live-stream, but it is available now…

The Transmission – Nov 20, 2020

Updates from me— We’re releasing a remastered version of Drink The Sea on Dec 4 with remixes and rarities, and the second single is out today. ​STS9 – Beyond Right Now (The Glitch Mob remix).​…

Transmission 10

At long last, we are making some beautiful vinyl for the Ram Dass “Awareness” release. You can pre-order it here. Thanks to Dean Grenier for the beautiful vinyl design, as usual. Musing from me The single most helpful…


Justin Boreta

Music maker, inner-space explorer.

I am in a band called The Glitch Mob

I am member of an ambient project called Superposition

I am a co-founder of an iOS visuals app called Hyperspektiv

Learn more about me on some podcasts I have been on: Tim Ferriss, Aubrey Marcus, Duncan Trussell, Chase Jarvis, East Forest.