RITUALS Artblocks

about Rituals – an on-chain generative music & artwork collection of 1000 1/1 pieces, a collab with  @aaronpenne & @brightmoments The best way to view the series is on FilterBlocks we designed infinite generative music…


New record out from The Glitch Mob. Beautiful artwork by Lake Hills and Dean Grenier.

The Song That Owns Itself DAO

The Song That Owns Itself, an experiment in shared music ownership be a part of history: http://stoi.org You can communicate directly with the Song That Owns Itself. Try asking questions and see if you can…

White Stripes x The Glitch Mob

The White Stripes x The Glitch Mob x Strangeloop Studios team up for NFT drop! “Since its release in 2003, The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” has grown to become a global anthem and in…

Eckhart Tolle x Superposition

Eckhart Tolle x Superposition – Presence Eckhart Tolle’s distilled wisdom has changed millions of lives. This is the first time that he has collaborated with an artist to create an album. Eckhart has a special…

Cloudrealms NFT

Superposition ‘Cloudrealms’ NFT on Catalog.works


Justin Boreta

music maker, inner-space explorer

some of my music projects: The Glitch Mob, Superposition

our psychedelic music collective: formless.world

Learn more about me on some podcasts I have been on: Tim Ferriss, Madison Margolin of DoubleBlind, Aubrey Marcus, Duncan Trussell, Chase Jarvis, East Forest.