“Innerspace Music” is a compilation of guided musical meditations out on Formless.

It combines teachings with music, intended to be a tool for seekers at the intersection of mindfulness and deep listening. 

After releasing “Imagine” with Ram Dass in 2018, I always wanted to invite other artists to do a similar piece in their way. For anyone that felt called to, scoring spiritual teaching is entirely different from writing typical music. Being involved with so many incredible artists has been a dream come true.

These pieces work for meditation, or you can play them at the beginning of a journey. Someone once told me they felt like these are ‘psychedelic parachutes’ that can help ease anxiety while on a trip. 

This started as a lockdown project and is finally seeing the light of day today. Each of these pieces stands alone as something that will grow with the listener over time.

As an artist, we (Superposition) have two new collaborations on the compilation: one with Kaitlyn Aurelia-Smith & Tara Brach, and one with The Album Leaf and Jack Kornfield.

Gratitude to the full list of artists and teachers involved:

Sigur Ros
Ram Dass
Alan Watts
Tara Brach
Paul Corley
East Forest
Vivian Koch
Jack Kornfield
The Album Leaf
Nailah Hunter
Badge Epoque
Jeremiah Fraites
Kaitlyn Aurelia-Smith