2020 has been quite a ride, so we are ending the year on a high note with the 10 Year Anniversary of Drink the Sea. This Deluxe Edition contains remastered versions of the original songs, as well as rarities and remixes that have been staples of our live sets. For the remastering, we worked with our mastering engineer to bring out the detail and punch of the music without changing the original message of the album. If you listen on nice headphones or speakers, you will feel the difference. 

It goes without saying, but this album is significant to us. It was the beginning of our journey and created deep connections with many of you. It shaped the course of our lives over this decade, and looking back now; it is a reminder of the mysterious power of music to connect us. Especially when live music is under threat, we are grateful for this mysterious force in all of our lives.

To everyone who has joined us on journey for the past decade—this is for you.  Here’s to 10 more.

Listen here

We made some beautiful videos as well, check them here.