Oregon legalized psilocybin therapy. This is a HUGE step.

You might be wondering: how does this affect me?

It does not mean that mushrooms will be legal in the same way that cannabis is. You’re not going to be able to go to a dispensary and buy a bushel of mushrooms. It should not be like that either.

In an ideal world, this will mean that relatively soon, you will be able to go to a psychedelic healing center in Oregon (and eventually elsewhere) and have a safe, guided, affordable session with a trained therapist. There are ways that this project could go terribly wrong, but let’s focus on the positive aspects for now.

If you’re struggling with depression, PTSD, anxiety: these little mushroom friends are here for you. Help us on the way. That’s really what this moment means to me. Finally, the west is ready to embrace psychedelic healing modalities that indigenous cultures have embraced for millennia. If you are someone who doesn’t have any particular ailment that they want to treat and simply want to safely explore your consciousness, this will also be possible.

There are people working in the underground as guides for a long time now and it’s a dangerous gig. But if you’ve seen the magic that can happen under proper guidance, it makes sense why people would take such big risks to continue this work. I am one of those people who has had their life drastically improved from this process. I am absolutely elated that society took a step towards making accessible to anyone and making this work safe for the guides. I am grateful to those who’ve dedicated their lives to this revolution over the years. Without a concerted underground effort, and organizations like MAPS this wouldn’t have happened.

To be clear, these medicines are not a panacea. They will not fix everything and there are very real risks involved. This is why having a framework of professional guides is so important. There are certain people who should absolutely not take these. There is still a long road ahead, but this is major progress. We need it more than ever.